The JRE Library has over 2,700 ebooks and almost 500 digital audiobooks available to students for two week check out!  Click on the image below for directions for accessing the Destiny Discover app and for links to other useful library resources.

Click on the tiles below to access read aloud

   videos created by Storyline Online.


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  1. Joy Johnson at |

    What is the kisd username and password? I have many papers giving me the books to read with my daughter but no username and password to be found in the emails either. 🙁

  2. Leah Ramsey at |

    I am trying to access the ebooks through the above app. I have my student’s ID #, but the passwords are not working. I tried the password that allows me access to the Home Access Center on the Katy ISD website, but it isn’t working for the app. Am I not using the right info? Thanks so much!


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