Passing the Scholastic Buck






Several people asked me if the library receives the profits from the book fair and how much we earn.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some details.  It’s hard to believe that we just wrapped up our  sixth Scholastic Book Fair at JRE (I’m beginning to feel like a pro these days!) Over the last three years parents and students purchased over $140, 000 in books and supplies and the JRE Library earned over $42,000 in rewards (we take a combination of cash and Scholastic Dollars).  You can’t look around the library without seeing those rewards in action.  We’ve purchased $11,000+ in books and library decor including colorful rugs, new flexible seating, shelves, incentives and library supplies.  These items help make our library welcoming and comfortable for students.  Of course, one of the greatest outcomes of the Scholastic Book Fair is getting great books into students’ hands.

At the JRE Library we are committed to building a reading community and that includes supporting other programs.  Money raised through donations to Books for All is used to purchase books for our Katy ISD sister school Schmalz Elementary.  And each year the library shares Scholastic Dollars with our campus Reading Intervention Program to help purchase books to support their Books ‘n Hand initiative to ensure that intervention students are able to self select their own books for summer reading!


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